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North American Rockwell T-2 Buckeye


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First published in 1987, the T-2 Buckeye book covers the development of this all-purpose jet trainer from the Navy's solicitation to industry in 1956 through its operations and squadron usage with the US Navy, Marines, Venezuela and Greece. It was originally built as a single engine jet, the T2J-1/T-2A, but had inadequate power. A second engine was added and it became the over-powered T-2B. It was a tremendously over-designed and robust aircraft, perfect for students and virtually impervious to excess Gs. Late in life it was used as a spin trainer for fleet Tomcat pilots.

Pages: 62
Size: 8.5 X 11 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Illustrations: b/w
Publisher: Steve Ginter
ISBN: 9780942612158
Product Code: GB215P