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The US Army's M5 Stuart Light Tank was a much-upgraded version of the original M3 Stuart. With a speed of 45 mph, upgraded armor and firepower, the new M5A1 proved to be a powerful support weapon for infantry and recon units. During WWII, M5s were also supplied to British, Soviet, and French forces.

The light M5 Stuart Tank was a much-upgraded version of the M3 Stuart. Named for Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart, these vehicles filled the need for a light tank and, in addition to the US, they were supplied to Allied military forces. The leap from the M3 to the M5 Stuart took place in 1941, when the US Ordnance Department accepted a proposal by Cadillac to install double Cadillac V8 engines in the tank and, after remodeling the hull to accommodate the new engines, a new tank, the M5, was born. Reconnaissance units in the front lines of US forces were always accompanied by the agile M5s. With a top speed of 45 mph, armor protection, and firepower, the M5A1 provided powerful support. Although not a match for heavy German armor, the Stuart was more than adequate for dealing with infantry. In addition to the US military, M5s were supplied to Britain, the Soviet Union, and France. After WWII, the Stuart saw action in such far-flung places as China, India, and Indochina.

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