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This book provides close-up details of the Republic F-84F Thunderstreak jet fighter and it's service during the Cold War. Illustrated with over 250 photos, color profiles, and line drawings.

The success of the F-86 Sabre prompted Republic to design its own swept-wing aircraft. The prototype of the Thunderstreak, designated the YF-96A, took to the skies in 1950. The F-84F could reach a top speed of 695 mph, and in March 1955, the Thunderstreak set a transcontinental speed record by flying from Los Angeles to New York in just 3 hours and 33 minutes. On the basis of the F-84F design, a photo-reconnaissance version, known as the RF-84F Thunderflash, was also developed and placed into production in 1952. Program delays plagued the development of the F-84F, and active-duty phaseout began almost as soon as it entered service in 1954. By 1958 the F-84F was relegated to the Air National Guard. The Thunderstreak served as NATO's front-line fighter-bomber during the 1950s, and France successfully sent F-84Fs into battle against Egypt during the 1956 Suez Canal Crisis. The F-84F remained in service with several European air forces for decades, with Greece retiring its last Thunderstreak in 1984.

Pages: 80
Size: 11 X 8.5 (inches)
Format: Paperback
Publisher: MMD-Squadron Signal
ISBN: 9780897475884
Product Code: SS588