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During its 50-year career, the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter supersonic aircraft broke numerous aviation records, flew combat missions in Vietnam and South Asia, and served as a high-altitude trainer for the NASA astronauts. This new book chronicles the history of this remarkable Century Series fighter aircraft.

The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter first flew in 1954, then broke the world altitude record in May 1958 and the world air-speed record nine days later. It was the first aircraft to hold both records simultaneously. Many of the Starfighter's records stand today. With a powerful XJ79 engine and futuristic design by famed Lockheed engineer Clarence Kelly Johnson and his team, a YF-104A passed Mach 2 in 1956. The F-104 was born from combat against Communist MiG-15 jet aircraft during the Korean War. Known as a missile with a man in it and an engine with wings, Starfighters trained astronauts such as Chuck Yeager on the edge of space, fought over Vietnam, and were lethal Cold War interceptors capable of firing air-to-air nuclear missiles. During its 50-year career, it was used by no less than 15 nations from Jordan to Taiwan; Italy finally retired its fleet in 2005. It is poised to be reborn as a civilian satellite launcher in 2018.

Pages: 80
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Product Code: SS822