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Local Aviation Collections of Britain: The UK's Regional Aeronautical Treasures


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This new book is a unique reference for anyone interested in Britain's aviation heritage and provides an inspiration for discovering the 'unknown' gems UK aviation history. Over 150 museums and their most important aircraft exhibits are profiled with numerous color and archival photographs. Like the other titles in the series, this book is a very helpful resource for both researchers and aviation enthusiasts.

Britain has a wealth of museums of all sizes, all with incredible exhibits, yet only the 'big' collections tend to get the limelight. All over the UK are amazing aircraft collections, containing aircraft of world, national or regional importance, many of which the curators of the national institutions would love to have.

With region-by-region coverage, the backgrounds of the formative museums of Great Britain are highlighted along with the pedigrees of their most significant exhibits. Included are such icons as the de Havilland Aircraft Museum - home of the Mosquito; the Brooklands, Museum - headquarters of Sopwith, Hawker and Vickers; the Helicopter Museum - the world's largest rotorcraft collection and Solent Sky - shrine to flying-boats and the Spitfire.

Across Britain are many local collections that helped to pioneer this country's incredible aviation heritage and the role of enthusiasts is highlighted with a profile of the first of them all - the Northern Aircraft Preservation Society and its lineage. Among the

Pages: 352
Size: 6 X 8.5 (inches)
Format: Hardback
Illustrations: 180 b/w, 96 color
Publisher: Crecy Publishing
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Product Code: AD112